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File Optimizer

About (2023)

Introducing our file optimizer app, designed to help you save space and reduce clutter on your devices, to reduce the size of your images for a website or minify CSS code. Our app uses advanced compression algorithms to reduce the size of your files without compromising their quality and remove metadata. With just a few clicks, you can shrink large documents, images, videos, and more, freeing up valuable storage space. Try our file optimizer app today and see the difference for yourself!

File Optimizer is a powerful tool that supports a wide range of file types, including png, jpg, jpeg, mp3, mp2, mp4, wav, h261, h263, h264, aiff, ogg, oga, opus, html, htm, css, js, xml, json and svg. Please note that no backups are made during the optimization process, so be careful when using the app. Additionally, the list of supported file types may evolve in the future. With File Optimizer, you can easily reduce the size of your files without compromising their quality.

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C++ / WinRT
WinUI 3
Windows App SDK