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Oxem Quest

About (2017 - 2020)

🧙‍♀️ Discover Oxem Quest a MMORPG available on PC and mobile where you will have to complete tons of quests rich in loot! This equipment will strengthen your character so that he can recover, for example, more gold in his looting. But that's not all, a large talent tree will allow you to optimize your daily farming sessions. And there's even arena PVP, guilds, dungeons, chat, built-in lives, emotes, skins, a store, and more!

Available in 🇫🇷 French only.

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My work

Development of the game from specifications. Configuration and maintenance of a CentOS server with MongoDB. Oxem Quest is a web browser game. So I released each month a newest version until 2020. I have working with MeteorJS but also Steam API, AWS Bucket, Meteor Galaxy for cloud hosting at a moment. And with Xsolla for the shop.

Closed source
Download No more available.