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Lootbox Factory

About (2018)

You are Remi an employee of AE (Art Electronic) who must store and load lootboxes in delivery trucks in a time all deal with the order of each truck. Your goal? Organize your boxes and fill the trucks with the right order!

It's a game developed during a Game Jam (48 hours).

  • Move boxes with your finger.
  • The ‘livraison’ area, on the center of the scene spawn new boxes in a interval.
  • You must put the boxes in question in a color storage area. If not, they will be destroyed after 30 seconds.
  • You must do the commands. Otherwise you lose a life.
  • Game Over is present if the user no longer has a life.
  • Make the best score!
Screenshot Screenshot
My work

We are two in the team. A game designer and me at programming. I have also working on the "Level Design" and GUI. And at some point, brainstorm with the Game Designer for all mechanics and gameplay loop.

Closed source